Digital trust for elder people


Not alone at home

Improving Quality of Life

The Culture of Care

Supporting independent life of older adults living alone, by empowering them in daily life activity self-management, by providing them with a more effective connection to their supporting networks.
Project Goals

Caring for Yours

The main expected outcome consists of an overall increase of the effectiveness of caregiving practices, acting from both the demand side (gain in end-user self-confidence and autonomy) and on the offer one (empowering caregiver insights).


Digital For Inclusion

A “light-technology” approach, based on inexpensive and unobtrusive monitoring techniques, on familiar and accessible interaction tools and on cloud-based data processing.



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NOAH Innovation

The overall idea

  • developing a practical, usable and accessible monitoring technology
  • a scarcely intrusive approach will be sought for, aiming at
    “plug & play” methodology
  • implementing a cloud-based Behavioral Analysis Module
  • developing an innovative business model, mostly oriented
    to private (self) care or homecare private provision

Project Contacts


  • University of Parma
  • Parco Area Delle Scienze, 181/a40124 Parma, Italy
  • +39 (0) 521 905858